One Health, One Medicine

" Working to provide medical care funding for children living in poverty"  

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One Health One Medicine was created in 2008 primarily to assist the Bel Air Children’s Home in Grenada, West Indies. As a regular volunteer at the home it quickly became apparent to me that finding money to pay for the medication that a number of the children needed was a challenge for the staff. I began raising money to purchase drugs and medical supplies and the charity gradually developed as I discovered that numerous children living in poverty on the island were also in need of medical care. 

The charity provides funding for surgery, medication and diagnostics in Grenada, we have also sent children accompanied by a guardian to receive treatment in Trinidad and Barbados when they could not receive the care they needed in Grenada. Over the last 2 years I have developed an effective working relationship with the Grenadian Child Welfare Authority and many of the Doctors on the island including the head of paediatrics Dr Beverly Nelson. The charity regularly takes on cases at the request of Dr Nelson and we work closely with the head of Child Welfare Sister Francis to ensure that all the children and their families get the correct aftercare and support. At the request of Dr Nelson and Sister Francis we have begun funding sessions with a psychiatrist for a number of children and adolescents who have been abused or are confused about their sexuality. 

One Health One Medicine would not be able to provide essential and in some cases life saving medical care for vulnerable Grenadian children without the generous donations we receive and the valiant fund raising efforts of our supporters. We continue to need donations and funding so if you would like to help then please get in contact or make a donation online. Thank you.

Rachael Smith